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What Is Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)? 

The full name of feline abdominal transmission is feline infectious peritonitis(FIP). The cause is a mutation of feline coronavirus (FCoV). It's a highly deadly disease, and the coronavirus is the culprit.

Although a large number of cats will be infected with the coronavirus, very few cats will develop mutations that cause transmission of the virus. Abdominal transmission is thought to be due to the fact that mutations in the coronavirus stimulate the immune system, which leads to inflammation of various organ systems. The mutated virus can't be overcome by cats, so while the virus isn't actually contagious, carriers can be dangerous to other felines. But it's not contagious to dogs or humans.

When cats are infected with feline transmission, there will be two kinds of wet and dry transmission. The most obvious symptom of wet is ascites or pleural effusion, and the dry symptoms are not obvious, which leads to the late discovery of dry abdominal transmission. The performance of wet abdominal transmission will be abdominal distension, dyspnea, long-term repeated fever, loss of appetite, body wasting, listlessness all day, immobility, etc. Dry abdominal transmission is characterized by unexplained fever, unresponsiveness to treatment, loss of appetite, lethargy, body wasting, and other signs that may be associated with organ failure, depending on the organ involved usually involving the kidneys, liver, pancreas, nervous system, and eyes.

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